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Shuttle flights to Masai Mara

Flights from Nairobi or Mombasa to Masai Mara airstrips

The most pleasant mode, by far, of travelling to Masai Mara National Reserve and conservancies is by means of a shuttle flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport (WIL). Our aviation partners service all major Masai Mara airstrips, including the ones located in Masai Mara National Reserve, but also those located in the Mara conservancies. These Masai Mara flights allow you quick and convenient access to all lodges in the Greater Mara area. Below you can find some examples of our flight services.

Access to airstrips and lodges

MasaiMara.com makes use of different operators servicing the various Masai Mara airstrips, the most important ones being AirKenya and Safarilink. Together we are able to service all major airstrips in the Mara. Each of these airstrips allow access to different lodges dependent on the lodge location in the reserve and conservancies. Kindly note that not all flight connections have been displayed below: we would also happily assist with flights from the Serengeti or other locations.

Baggage restrictions and additonal information

As Masai Mara flights are operated by means of small aircraft (e.g. Cessna Grand Caravan), strict baggage restrictions are in place. Space for baggage on the aircrafts is very limited and the following allowance applies: you may carry 15 kgs per person in a soft duffel-type bag, this includes hand luggage and camera equipment. These limitations are strictly adhered to.

Flights to the Masai Mara are operated as a shuttle service. As such these flights should not be considered as scheduled flights. Departure times and routings may vary depending on traveller requirements and local weather conditions. As flight operators service serveral Masai Mara airstrips it is possible that multiple stops are made en route to your destination airstrip. Flight times are subject to change without notice.

Seats on most aircraft are of a restricted 'utility' size and larger passengers well above an average weight will find them uncomfortable. In such circumstances it is recommended that for both safety and comfort reasons an extra seat is booked at the child rate.

Shuttle flights to and from Nairobi Wilson

Shuttle flights departing from Nairobi Wilson Airport (WIL) service all major airstripts in the Masai Mara (including Keekorok, Musiara, Mara North and Kichwa Tembo) making all areas and safari lodges accessible. Transfers from and to the destination airstrip are included when staying at any of the safari lodges but please note that additional fees may apply.

Flights to Masai Mara
  • Depart Nairobi Wilson (WIL) at 08h00 and arriving at Masai Mara at 08h40
  • Depart Nairobi Wilson (WIL) at 10h30 and arriving at Masai Mara at 11h10
  • Depart Nairobi Wilson (WIL) at 14h00 and arriving at Masai Mara) at 14h40
Flights from Masai Mara
  • Depart Masai Mara at 08h45 and arriving at Nairobi Wilson (WIL) at 10h15
  • Depart Masai Mara at 11h15 and arriving at Nairobi Wilson (WIL) at 13h00
  • Depart Masai Mara at 14h45 and arriving at Nairobi Wilson (WIL) at 16h15

Masai Mara services operate into multiple airstrips, therefore timings may vary depending on aircraft routing. Your flight may include multiple landings and take offs. More flight connections are available in peak periods.

Nairobi Wilson - Masai Mara air fare:

Published fare for a return Nairobi Wilson - Masai Mara flight is US$ 362 per person (including taxes). This fare is subject to change and availability.

Shuttle flights to and from Mombasa / Diani

In high season (1 January - 31 March, 16 June - 31 October and 21 December - 31 December) daily flights are operated between Mombasa and the Masai Mara airstrips.

Flights from Mombasa to Masai Mara
  • Depart Mombasa at 08h15 and arriving at Masai Mara at 10h30
Flights from Masai Mara to Mombasa
  • Depart Masai Mara at 14h30 and arriving at Mombasa at 16h45
Mombasa - Masai Mara air fare:

Published fare for a one way Mombasa - Masai Mara (or vice versa) flight is US$ 410 per person (including taxes). A return costs US$ 500 per person. These fares are subject to change and availability.

Other flight options

The above Masai Mara flight options merely show you some possibilities. Please contact us if you require more information about other flight options; from instance for interlodge flights or when travelling to or from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Please note that we only book flights in conjunction with accommodation bookings.

Private charter flights to Masai Mara

Apart from shuttle flights, we also offer private charter services for maximum convenience and privacy. Private flights allow you the flexibility to competely customise your safari itinerary to your needs and route. Do not hestitate contacting us when you are interested in this option.